Frequently asked questions

Our platform provides pet sitting, dog walking for all domestic house pets. Dogs, Cats, Birds, Hamsters, Gerbils, and Fish.

Yes, all our pet sitter’s have undergone a background check and criminal records check.

The visits are 30 mins, 45 mins, 1 hour. You can customize any length of pet sitting visit your pet needs on the site.

Yes, we are finding a lot more people requesting them.

As soon as you know, book on line when you find the sitter of your choice.

Yes, everything is on line and you get your own login so that all you need to do is go online and book your own visits. It will generate a confirmation.

Just message us and we will help you find a solution immediately.

We provide a list of local vets for emergencies that are open 24 hours or have an emergency phone line. If your pet damages the furniture of the sitter or bites her, your home owner’s insurance might cover you. Please check your policy to make sure you are covered.

All you have to do is click on button to “register as new customer” or “become a sitter”.

Pet sitting, when you go on vacation, or are late coming home from work. Dog walking, if you are away for the day or working long hours. We come to your home and walk your dog, give fresh water and some play time. Overnight pet sitter, live-in pet sitter in your home or in the sitter’s home. The sitter can change the cat litter check on the food and water, the same for other small caged animals, and feed the fish. Depending on the provider, she or he can be paid to water the plants. That is always a problem when you are on vacation.

All of Israel.

You will be asked to input your credit card or Paypal into our secure site before service begins. Payment in full is due at the time of reservation. Reservations are not held until payment is received. This secures your reservation and gives you peace of mind that your pet pet care needs are taken care of.

By chat, messenger, whatsApp, email.

We have a 7-day cancellation policy for overnight pet sitting and vacation visits for a full refund. If less than 7 days, but before departure, you are subject to a 50% cancellation fee. Cancellations made less than 3 days before your departure date are subject to a 100% cancellation fee.

Please do not place our sitters in the uncomfortable position of offering them pet sitting or dog walking employment apart from our site. We ask that you do not contact them to set up future sits when you return since they will be removed from the site and they will lose business. Each sitter signs an agreement with us to use our site for the clients he/she obtains from it. If the sitter doesn’t come from our site none of our guarantees apply.

Please check with your individual sitter if she/he is comfortable with administering medication to your pet.


Who says they are always available? Besides, our sitters are approved and verified. They have to have experience and love animals. We make certain the background check is correct, and check references. The sitter must not have any arrests or criminal record. No one will be able to be a service provider with PETbnb who isn’t authorized or verified. That is the price one pays for security and peace of mind.

Yes, the site is protected with an SSL Certificate and is confidential and secure. We don’t share information with any third parties.

Each provider has their own fees and rates; however, we have suggested rates; Pricing is based on the service requested by hour, day or week, and even for the month. Dog walks or sitting services can range from 25nis until 100 nis. The fee is between you and your provider.

At PETbnb each client is insured under a third party insurance, which covers up to 200,000 NIS per client. The coverage is only valid when a pet is under the care of PETbnb. This insurance is free of charge to all PETbnb clients.
  • Each client that is registered with PETBNB will enjoy the benefits of being covered under a third party insurance. From the moment the dog, cat, or “other” is under the care of the PETBNB team and until it’s returned to their owners, the pet is covered under the insurance. The sum for one client shall not exceed 200,000 NIS for the insurance coverage.
  • The coverage – The policy will cover an unexpected event that caused damage within the borders of the State of Israel and according to the laws of the State of Israel.
  • Exceptions – The policy will not cover:
    • Gross negligence – criminal negligence of the insured.
    • Damage to the employee – damage to the employee during and as a result of their work with the insured.
    • Financial damage – except for consequential damage.
    • The determined wording is the terms of the policy with regard to its conditions, extensions and restrictions that are with the principal policyholder.
  • Client Notice – If an insurance event occurs, a notice will be given to PETbnb who will specify the event and PETbnb will give the insurance company the details for the insurance company to continue handling the case. To read our full insurance policy click here.

If at the last minute the sitter cancels we can try to help arrange for a replacement if you aren’t successful through the site. If an emergency occurs with your pets the sitter will act according to your instructions and always have the 24 hour vet number available. We will also put it in your record. If there is an emergency in your home, your sitter will contact your emergency numbers and/or emergency contact from your file, and contact the appropriate authorities.