Pet Bnb

We've got you covered

Why Us

We are a family owned marketplace for your beloved animals who need care when you are away on business or on vacation.
The idea came to us since we, ourselves travel a lot and need pet sitters frequently.
Sometimes we have a pet sitter in our home and for longer trips we used the vet or another boarding facility.
It is very important to us that our sitters love animals and are qualified to really care for our pets.
The sitter needs to walk them enough, feed them, and make sure they are safe, love them and play with them.
Since nothing like this exists in our neighborhood, we decided to create PET BNB Global to share with our friends and the community.

How it works

Choose A Sitter
Simply go online, set up an account, choose a sitter from the menu and pick the dates. You will be able to chat with the sitter by messenger but to be furnished with our 24/7 guarantee, the booking must be made through our marketplace.
Set Up Your Acount
Sign up and open a profile of your own. upload a picture of you and your pet and fill in the information so our sitters can get to know you before you book them.
Book Online
Simply choose a sitter from the menu and pick the dates, location and type of service you need for beloved pet. All our sitters are thoroughly checked before becoming a service provider.

Become a Sitter

Potential sitters can fill out the information form and submit the application.  In addition the applicants have to submit a clean police record and if possible recommendations.  Our team of professionals will perform due diligence to see if the applicants is qualified and allow the sitter to be part of PET BNB Global.